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Seafood From Norway today announced that all winners of the National Fish and Chip Awards 2024, run for a second year by the National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF), will get the chance to go on a once-in-a-lifetime study trip to Norway in June. There, they will experience firsthand how delicious Norwegian cod and haddock - loved by UK friers and consumers alike - is responsibly harvested from Norway’s cold, clear waters.

The competition’s headline sponsor, Seafood from Norway, is proudly represented by the

Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC). In partnership with the Norwegian Frozen at Sea and

“Østerfjord”, they will be hosting the trip to the world’s leading whitefish nation – a country rich in fishing heritage and home to the world’s largest cod stocks, as well as supplying cod for the eagerly awaited awards meal.

Combining inspiration and education, winners will enjoy an action-packed itinerary on the two-day trip.

Sailing on the state-of-the-art Østerfjord, a combined longliner and Danish seine fishing

vessel, which is owned by the Østervold family, they’ll learn how the vessel was carefully

designed using world-leading technology to minimise energy consumption and ensure

that fish is quickly frozen at sea to lock in freshness and quality.

Attendees will meet industry stakeholder and leading experts and find out how Norway’s

fisheries keep fish stocks sustainable – the science, the tools and techniques, and the

information that helps them monitor the entire supply chain – from Norway to the UK.

Charting the ocean-to-plate journey of their favourite whitefish, they’ll be shown how

Norwegian cod and haddock are expertly caught and prepared.

Victoria Braathen, UK Director of the Norwegian Seafood Council commented:

“Norway is a proud supplier of sustainable seafood to the UK, and fish and chip shops have

been skillfully creating the nation’s favourite dish with Norwegian whitefish for many years.

We’re delighted to host these talented friers to see where and how their produce is caught.

What better way to understand the importance of origin than getting onboard and joining our fishing crews?”

Andrew Crook, President of the National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF) added:

“Sustainability is critical in our industry, particularly for friers that want to stay in business long-term. That is why we introduced a new Environment and Sustainability Award last year and work with industry leaders like Seafood from Norway to help friers futureproof their businesses.”

“The NSC has been hosting inspirational trips for award winners for years. Charting the sea to plate journey of their cod or haddock really puts what friers do into perspective, and it’s fantastic to hear how passionate the experience makes them about the fish and chips they’re bringing to the table.”

John Lavery, co-owner of Fish City, Belfast – 2023 Fish and Chip Restaurant of the Year and

Environment and Sustainability Award winner said about last year’s winners’ trip:

“This was my first time in Norway and I’ve been hugely impressed by everything I’ve seen. From witnessing the beauty of this country and seeing how the Norwegians fish, to discovering the passion they have about doing it sustainably was just incredible to witness.

Thanks to this trip, I now have a connection with Norwegian whitefish, the people and the

method behind it all. That in turn works its way into our business. If we are passionate about

what we do, and the people that supply our fish to us, that will feedback to our customers.”

Austen Dack Chippy Chat Publishing Editor said: " With NSC organising a trip for all of the winners of the National Fish & Chip Awards, it gives the finalists an even bigger incentive to win. I was lucky enough to go on the trip last year, and saw first hand the incredible attention to detail, the amazing deep blue waters, the spectacular scenery and the quality of the fish was second to none. To go out on a vessell like Østerfjord really is a trip of a lifetime, and the shops that came all went back to tell their customers about their expererience of this wonderful fishing nation."

Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge on

the 28th of February. The tour will take place later this year, giving winners the chance to brush off their sou’westers and prepare for the trip of a lifetime.


The National Fish & Chip Awards

A prestigious event in the UK food industry calendar, the National Fish & Chip Awards

celebrates excellence in the sector. Organised by the National Federation of Fish Friers, (NFFF), they play a significant role promoting quality standards and innovation through showcasing thebest in the industry. Awards range from longstanding categories, like the Quality Accreditation Award, From Field to Frier Award, Best Multiple Operator and Best Newcomer, through to new awards reflecting industry changes, such as the Environmental and Sustainability Award introduced in 2023.

For further information on the National Fish and Chip Awards 2024 and to book your place, visit:

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