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Fish and Chips Go On Tour…

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The National Fish & Chip Awards are taking the nation’s favourite takeaway on the road as they tour the UK and serve up free portions of fish and chips.

From Monday 23 October 2017, the customised van will visit five UK cities in celebration of the awards’ 30th anniversary, and with the help of the UK’s best fish and chip shop – Kingfisher Fish & Chips of Plymouth, Devon – serve up the perfect fish and chips to each city.

From pickled onions in Glasgow, to gravy in Manchester or curry sauce in Birmingham, fish and chip lovers across the country will be able to tuck into a free portion of the gloriously British dish – just the way they like it!

Travelling nearly 1,000 miles in five days, the van* will be stopping at:

  1. Glasgow, George Square – 23 October 2017

  2. Newcastle, Northumberland Street – 24 October 2017

  3. Manchester, Piccadilly Gardens – 25 October 2017

  4. Birmingham, Victoria Square – 26 October 2017

  5. London, Cutty Sark Gardens – 27 October 2017

Marcus Coleman, Chief Executive at Seafish, comments: “The fish and chip shop is a national institution. We’ve had a love affair with fish and chips for well over a century – not much compares to white fish coated in crisp batter, showered in salt, doused in vinegar and eaten out of paper wrappings with a wooden fork. However, as we mark 30 years of the awards and the dish’s continued popularity, we have even more reason to celebrate than ever before.

“For most of us, the love of fish and chips is much more than the food itself; it’s the nostalgic memories of seaside holidays with the family or Friday night suppers after a hard week that come to mind.

“With few being able to resist the mouth-watering combination, we’re using this milestone year as a chance to honour the humble dish, and remind people why British fish and chips are, and will always be, the best in the world.”

The journey of The National Fish & Chip Awards’ fish and chip van can be trailed on social media with #FishNChipTrip.

For more information visit or follow @FishnChipAwards #FishnChipAwards.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″ el_class=”sticky-container “][mnky_ads id=”2782”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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