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Elite’s Appeal For Volunteering Opportunities…

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The Elite Fish and Chip Company is sending out a small army of volunteers into the community and it wants you to decide on where they could help!

Following its ‘Heart of The Community Award’ win last year the Elite is keen to continue supporting local communities in Lincolnshire and wants to hear from charities and organisations who might need a hand.

This year the company has decided it would like to give something back to the community by offering seven members of staff as volunteers for seven days.

Rachel Tweedale, Manager at the company’s Sleaford restaurant, said: “Last year we chose the Royal British Legion as our charity of the year and managed to raise £10,000 thanks to the support and generosity of our customers.

“Instead of deciding on a charity ourselves we thought we would let the community decide for us this time.

“So, we’re going to give seven members of staff from all three of our restaurants in Sleaford, Ruskington and Lincoln a day off each. We’ll then be putting them forward for seven days of volunteering. If any individuals or charities need our help in any way we would love to hear from them.

“This could range from helping out at a coffee morning to charity events, working with vulnerable people in the community and much more. Let us know what you need help with and we’ll pick seven worthy causes!”

The staff that are put forward as volunteers will be given an extra day off on top of their annual leave to complete their good deeds.

Adrian Tweedale, owner of the Lincoln restaurant, said: “We see so many people from all different walks of life pass through our doors here at The Elite. The whole idea of this volunteering scheme is to show the communities we serve every week that we care. Our customers are good to us, so we want to return that favour.”

Do you know of anyone looking for volunteers to help in your local community? If so, get in touch with The Elite today. Call Lincoln (01522 509505), Ruskington (01526 832332) or Sleaford (01529 44534) to give us your ideas or email to find out more.

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