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Deep Fried Cadbury’s Creme Eggs At Kent Chippy!…

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Cadbury’s Creme Egg lovers are in for a cracking treat at a Kent fish and chip shop in the run up to Easter.

Walmer Fish & Chips, in The Strand, near Deal, have begun battering Creme Eggs for the very first time to celebrate the rebirth of Jesus – and Kent Live was first in line to try them.

It might not be your usual choice from the chippy but following the success of their battered treats in the past – including a classic Mars bar and a less conventional Christmas cake – manager of the Walmer restaurant Gian Carlos has introduced them to the menu.

28-year-old Gian, who has worked at the family run business for 14 years, said: “The best thing we’ve probably battered was a banoffee and Nutella waffle a month or so ago. That was amazing.

“There are infinite possibilities – you can batter everything. It actually all started on St Andrews Day. We did a battered pizza and battered Mars bar special to celebrate the Scottish holiday and so from there we thought we could carry on and try different things.

“And now as it is Easter we thought it’d be fun to serve battered Creme Eggs.”

As part of their #BatterEverything campaign the Carlos family and team have also covered chocolate brownies, pizza, croissants, lemon tart and even custard creams in the gooey mix.

They video the various goods being smothered in batter before serving them up to customers for their honest reviews.

Gian added: “Every now and again we just post a video up on our YouTube with the hashtag ‘Batter Everything’

“Most of the videos that we do also show people trying them and their reactions. We always ask customers to describe them in three words – saying what they think of it and a vote out of ten.”

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