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Cow’s that? Milk from potatoes

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The fish and chip world may well have competition for potatoes in the coming years!

Another alternative to traditional dairy milk has arrived in a UK supermarket – and this time the drink relies on the power of potatoes.

Dug, a Swedish potato milk brand, is going on sale in 220 Waitrose stores this week and represents the latest development in the market for plant-based milk options, which is now worth around £400 million a year in Britain.

Described by its makers as “super sustainable”, Dug is made in the UK and also contains pea protein and rapeseed oil alongside potato.

Tina Manahai, Co-Owner and Managing Director at Healthy Supplies, one of the UK’s biggest independent online health food specialist retailers, said this

“There’s a growing consumer demand for vegan, eco-friendly products and potato milk ticks both of those boxes. Touted to be the most suitable alternative to cow’s milk on the market, potato milk is free-from lactose, soy, gluten and nuts.

“Potatoes can be cultivated almost anywhere in the world, and with a low carbon footprint, the milk requires just half as much land as oat milk and 56 times less than almond milk for production.

“Most potato milks also have added nutrients like vitamin B and C as well as pea protein, which not many people know about. It’s hot drink-friendly and can be used alongside many other food products.

Healthy Supplies are also stocking potato milk from today

Do you serve a milk alternative in your restaurants? Email

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