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Coronavirus: Urgent appeal for Brits to work on farms

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Coronavirus: Urgent appeal for Brits to work on farms

Farming has been hit in many ways already with the corona virus. Thousands of tonnes of potatoes destined for restaurants and takeaways are now set to be wasted.

Very soon it could be affected again, and an appeal by Farmer’s Weekly is asking for Brits to sign up!

Industry leaders have issued an urgent plea for British people to work on farms and help feed the nation amid a burgeoning labour shortage due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Some 70,000 seasonal workers are usually required annually on British farms – with many coming from overseas. But travel restrictions and tighter border controls are having a significant effect on the number of people able to travel to the UK.

With the soft fruit harvest due to get fully under way next month, labour provider Hops Labour Solutions said seasonal workers were urgently needed to help pick and process fruit and vegetables on farms and in packhouses.

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