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Compass Takes The Contract Catering Industry Into The Digital Age…

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Cambridge, June 2017 – Compass Group, the leading provider of contract catering and support services in the UK and Ireland, is embracing the Internet of Things to transform service delivery and compliance. The company is using innovative automated monitoring and food safety management technology from Checkit to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety.

Achieving consistency in the standard of service and food hygiene management between sites is one of the key challenges for contract catering businesses. Operating in such a competitive industry, against a backdrop of regulatory, media and public scrutiny, consistent performance is vital, but far from simple, for large catering operations with potentially dozens of sites and thousands of staff to manage.

Traditionally, the food service and contract catering industry uses paper-based systems to manage and record the essential HACCP compliance processes that need to be carried out on a daily basis. This provides no accurate way of ensuring that tasks have actually been completed by staff which increases the risk that important checks are overlooked and could lead to hygiene or quality of service issues resulting in significant loss of revenue. To counter this issue and take service delivery to the next level, Compass Group is leading the industry by harnessing the latest technology from Checkit to monitor food safety and HACCP tasks, across multiple customer sites, in real-time.

Checkit’s cloud-based automated monitoring and food safety management technology is now being used at a large number of contract catering sites including major UK supermarkets, restaurant groups, blue chip organisations and large technology companies.

Crucially, regional managers, account directors, site managers and the HSE team now have unparalleled control and visibility of the status of compliance, enabling them to improve efficiency and eliminate potential food safety and compliance risks.

Checkit has enabled Compass to simplify food safety management across all sites where it is being used. Crucially, the new system leaves no room for non-compliance with predetermined key performance indictors (KPIs): if checks are missed managers are automatically alerted. Cloud-based records also facilitate remote monitoring, which has given managers better visibility and control over the daily activities, and enable potential problems to be identified and addressed without delay.

The system includes Checkit Memo handsets, handheld temperature probes and wireless temperature monitoring sensors. Adopting Checkit has been simple, Checkit Memo handsets feature all the HACCP checks required and alert staff when tasks are due or overdue and provide instructions on how to complete the check on hand. The system automatically creates tamper-proof, time-stamped, cloud based records, providing a complete audit trail and removing the need for any paper records.

“The benefits of moving away from the paper-based way of managing food safety were evident from the start. Since introducing Checkit, we have enhanced the quality of service as well as improved compliance to hygiene regulation,” says Christopher Moore, HSE Director for B&I,

Compass Group, UK and Ireland.

The cooperation between Compass Group and Checkit has also been acknowledged on a national level. The pilot project has been shortlisted for The Best Use of Technology category at the Catey Awards, held on 4th of July in London.

“Compared to paper records, Checkit is a real time-saver: as staff don’t need to spend time filling in the regulatory paperwork they have more time to focus on their core duties. Customer safety and satisfaction is our number one priority and we are pleased to have found a solution that successfully helps us uphold these values. Checkit has been a success and we are excited to be introducing it to our customers.”

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