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Chip Shops Compete to Scoop Cash Prize with Holland’s Pies…

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Move over Rio…the heat is now on in chip shops across the UK, thanks to an exciting new competition launched by Holland’s Pies this week.

Running for the next 12 weeks, the sales-based contest hopes to engage and reward the thousands of loyal chip shop partners that the Lancashire baker works with whilst driving sales of its ‘proper tasty’ product range. With a £1,000 cash prize up for grabs for the winner, £500 for the second prize and £250 for the third prize, the initiative is sure to attract a lot of attention and see competitive streaks soar!

Judged by Holland’s Pies’ team of van sales managers, the top prize will be awarded to the chip shop with the highest increased spend with Holland’s Pies vans over the12 week period. It will also use a base figure that is calculated on the chip shops last 12 week’s average van spend and the increase will be scaled via normal weekly sales to ensure fairness*.

A bonus prize (two weeks’ free stock based on the shops normal average weekly order) will also be provided for the best promotional mechanic and story used to drive sales.  Chip shops are invited to supply photos, videos or further materials to support their entry in this category by leaving it with their van sales representative order or sending it to

Chris Clark, Van Sales Manager at Holland’s Pies, commented:

“We’ve spent years developing our relationships with chip shops across the North West and we are committed to rewarding loyalty and sharing success together.   For so many Holland’s Pies customers, chips, peas and gravy are the perfect accompaniment for our products. Working with our chip shop partners, and through contests such as this, we hope to help introduce even more customers to this classic combo and encourage our loyal fans to treat themselves to an extra portion or two!”

Launched this week the incentive will close on 18th November 2016. Chip shops looking to take part or seeking further information are invited to contact Holland’s Pies telesales department on 01706 212122 or speak to their Business Development Manager.

* increasing spend from £30-£40 per week gives a 33.33% increase whereas, increasing spend from £150-£180 per week only gives a 20% increase. Therefore, a scaling grade will be applied to ensure base increases are measured equally.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″ el_class=”sticky-container “][mnky_ads id=”3659”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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