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Can You Find The Fish This Half Term?…

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Back in February The Elite Fish & Chip Company asked for assistance in finding its hidden fisherman in Lincoln. Now it seems the fish have gone missing too and Elite is asking for customers’ help to seek them out in its restaurants this half term!

The mischievous trio need to be found before they do something fishy and so Elite is setting its customers a challenge!

Starting on Monday 29th May and ending on National Fish & Chip Day on Friday 2nd June customers will need to keep an eye out for three sneaky fish who have escaped the fryer at Elite’s premises in Lincoln, Ruskington and Sleaford.

Each day, the first paying customer to find one of the fish will receive £20 in vouchers to spend at the Elite on their next visit.

Rachel Tweedale, manager at the Elite’s Sleaford restaurant, said: “Our fish, Rod, Rodger and Hooky are doing their best to stay out of view. If you catch any of them, reel them in and notify a member of staff.

“There’s a reward for finding them so keep your eyes peeled! I’ve got a message for the three naughty fish: we’ve ‘cod’ our eyes on you!

“If you can help net this troublesome trio, then let us know! We’re hoping they’ll be the catch of the day!”

Stay up to date with the #FindtheFish competition on Twitter and look out for other exciting news and offers on Elite’s Facebook page.

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