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Big Guns at Chippy Trying to Prevent a Battering! Home Secretary pays a visit to Jupps, Fish & Chips.

Have you received a visit from your local MP yet on the election trail? It could prove a great chance for you to bend their ears over the VAT threshold. One fish and chip shop have had just that and got more than they bargained for too!

Not only did their local MP Kristy Adams pop in for some fish and chips but so did the Home Secretary James Cleverly.

Martyn Jupp and his family have run Mid Sussex’s oldest chippie - Jupps Fish and Chips in Burgess Hill - for more than 60 years. During that time, they have seen off 12 Prime Ministers.

Martyn said. “We were told two weeks before the visit to clear security it was either going to be James or the Prime Minister. He was actually a nice guy and stayed with us for a good 15 minutes. His security team were edging him on to leave but he wasn’t taking much notice of them. We also had the Police Commissioner with him Katy Bourne OBE. It was a great advert for Fish and Chips too. Regarding VAT I don’t think there be any change there unfortunately."

The team were fed frozen at sea Cod from Fas2000 with crisp Middleton's batter.

Martyn was also Hand delivered a thank you letter from Mims Davies MP for the 2000 meals they have donated to the NHS Covid team. 

Have you received a visit from your MP with a special guest? Email

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