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Amanda Seafood turns 100…

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History – strong historical roots bridged with future innovative mindset Fish with a smile in 100 years. Amanda Seafoods was founded by Mr. Chr. Hansen in Kerteminde in 1916 under the trademark 555. The Company was one of the very first producers of canned seafood in Denmark.Canned fish balls and boneless herrings were the original products of Amanda Seafoods.

In the mid-1950s the idea of canned cod roe appeared as only a small part of the best cod roe at that time was industrialy exploited. Mr. Finn Tengberg-Hansen, descendant of Mr. Chr. Hansen experimented with the liquid cod roe which, when boiled, became a solid mass. This was the start of Amanda cod roe in cans. An industrial success in Denmark and abroad.

Today Amanda Seafoods is situated in Frederikshavn in the very North of Denmark nearby the famous town Skagen. We are 45 dedicated employees in production, warehouse, quality/developing and sales. The factory is MSC, BRC and IFS certified and has its own water treatment plant for recycling.

We focus on great taste, high quality, innovation and environmental care.

Fish with a smile.

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