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A Chicken Shop Classic! Introducing The Original Fried Chicken

Meadow Vale Foods is delighted to introduce our latest product, The Original Fried Chicken, 48 succulent pieces of drums and thighs that deliver an instantly recognisable fast-food favourite.

These grade-A chicken drum and thigh portions kick off an exciting series of new products to be released by Meadow Vale in 2023, following on from the successful recent launches of our award-winning Homestyle Shredded Chicken, Buttermilk Fillets, and many more.

Current industry insight claims the best way to increase profitability on menus in 2023 is to

provide classic dishes that satisfy our comfort food desires alongside a range of exotic sides, that will then deliver an experience that will excite consumers and keep them coming back for more.

Meadow Vale’s Original Fried Chicken offers a high-quality, on-trend comfort food classic with

great value-per-portion that can bring the best out of any side option, from loaded fries to a

refreshing side salad.

Chefs can now create a delicious chicken offering without the need for lengthy preparation. No waste, no mess, just seriously tasty chicken drums and thighs, quick-cooked and served up in any mouth-watering combo.

The Original Fried Chicken pieces are coated in a crunchy ruffled breadcrumb and feature an

authentic blend of herbs and spices that give them their distinctive taste, making it an instant

chicken shop classic. View the full product specs HERE.

Each portion is fully cooked and IQF with a tight calibration, and comes in 6kg boxes

featuring a vibrant design. Inside the box the drums and thighs are distributed into individual 1kg bags totalling 48 precise pieces, allowing chefs more control over costs and portions with zero waste.

The Original drums and thighs can be deep-fried or oven-baked from frozen in minutes, saving

valuable preparation time and making them a menu favourite for takeaways and restaurants.

to find out more details on this fantastic product and receive support with product information, pricing, marketing, and much more.

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