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A, B, SEA: Sustainable Fishing Lesson in Stonehaven…

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Fish and chip expert, Calum Richardson, and Scotland’s best-loved skipper, Jimmy Buchan, go back to school to teach the next generation about Scottish seafood, sustainability and environmentally friendly practice.

52 children from Arduthie Primary School in Stonehaven were captivated by the two 30-minute discussions, which included a range of practical hands-on, hosted activities making it a fun, insightful and engaging experience for all involved.

Calum and Jimmy discussed the importance of sustainable fishing; where seafood comes from; the types of fish in the North Sea; the local fishing industry; how the climate affects the industry and eating fish as part of a healthy diet.

Calum Richardson, Chef/Owner of The Bay Fish and Chips, said:

“Educating the younger generation about seafood and sustainability has always been a subject that’s very close to my heart. It’s vital that children are taught about the industry from a young age in an interesting and engaging way to encourage healthy eating habits as they grow up. With support from my friend Jimmy Buchan, I hope we can continue to visit schools to teach children about the importance of sustainability and eating well.”

Jimmy Buchan, Skipper of Amity and Managing Director of the Amity Fish Company Ltd, said:

“Education for a better healthy lifestyle starts at a young age. That’s why my passion is to pass the great story of our seafood to the kids who will be the mums and dads of the future. It is so important to invest in people and share your knowledge where all will benefit.”

Calum Richardson and Jimmy Buchan are market leaders when it comes to sustainability, provenance and environmentally friendly business practice. Their actions and support for the industry help to change any stereotypical, and often negative, preconceptions by presenting seafood in a positive and sustainable light.

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