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Top Ideas for National Fish & Chip Day!

National Fish & Chip Day 2024

One of biggest days in the fish & chip calendar – National Fish & Chip Day returns for it’s ninth year next Thursday and NEODA (the organiser) has been joined once again by two leading lights in the fish and chip industry, Middleton Foods and the Hook and Fish Packaging Range. 

Fish and Chip shops across the UK are getting prepared. With a a move to a Thursday it gives them an extra chance to get customers in. There are many offers being promoted including discounted fish and chips, colouring competitions, and raffles and shops are already decorating and putting up posters in preparation.  

Cox's at the Lighthouse 5p Promotion

To honour all those involved in the D-Day landings, the largest naval, land and air operation in history, National Fish & Chip Day will be moving from its traditional Friday slot in 2024 and will be celebrating the nation’s favourite dish on Thursday 6th June, which marks the 80th anniversary of this momentous day.

Wetherby Whaler Colouring Competition

The event has gone from strength to strength since its inception in 2015 and National Fish & Chip Day will recognise the huge importance of fish and chips during WW1 and WW11, and on D-Day in particular.   Fish & Chips were often considered the British national dish and this humble meal was a vital ingredient of the war effort in both the first and second world wars.  The British Government safeguarded the supply of fish and potatoes during both world wars in order to keep up morale.

Fiddlers Elbow Meal Specials

Gary Lewis, President  of NEODA, founders of National Fish and Chip Day, said “National Fish & Chip Day has always brought the nation together to celebrate this iconic dish, and because of the instrinsic links it has always had with the World Wars and D Day, we decided to move the date to show our support.  

Hook and Fish packaging is supplied exclusively by the Q Partnership which is made up of three family wholesalers, Friars Pride, Henry Colbeck and V A Whitley.  Middleton Foods is a family owned and operated business proudly manufacturing food products such as batter mixes, breadings, curry sauce and gravy, in the heart of the UK. 

Towngate Fisheries BOGOF offer

Continuing their support of the day are Seafood from Norway, who develop markets for Norwegian seafood, along with Blakemans, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of sausage and meat products, and Frymax, suppliers of sustainable palm oil for deep frying, Drywite, producers of liquid Drywite potato preparation, and Smales Fish Merchants.  Fish and chip favourite, Pukka Pies and Olleco, proud suppliers to the UK food and hospitality sector are also behind NEODA members in making National Fish and Chip Day happen in 2024.

AAK, Duncrue Food Processors, Goldfish, Kerry Foodservice, KFE, KTC and Silbury are also supporting the day and we are grateful to them all.  We will be telling you more about them in the coming weeks – check our socials!

Everybody wants to celebrate this amazing industry who are at the centre of every community from the fishers who go out in all weathers to catch the delicious fish, and the farmers who grow and harvest the perfect potatoes and peas to the fish and chip shops and restaurants who take those fresh ingredients and create our family favourite.

In May 2024 we teamed up with NEODA to give you over 50 ideas for National Fish & Chip Day. You can find these ideas here.

Don’t miss your chance to get involved and build support – start tweeting with the hashtag #nationalfishandchipday now!

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