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Seafood Week Returns For Another Year of Fishy Festivities…

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Seafood Week returns to British shores this October for a third consecutive year.

Following its successful comeback in 2015 and a triumphant year in 2016, the eight-day campaign, running from 6th to 13thOctober, is designed to encourage people to buy, cook and taste seafood more often.

Spearheaded by Seafish’sconsumer platform, Fish is the Dish, Seafood Week provides all sectors of the food industry with a unique opportunity to showcase seafood as a healthy, convenient, affordable and delicious shopping basket staple.

The campaign will encourage the consumption of seafood everywhere – whether it be at home, in a café or restaurant, or at the local fish and chip shop. To make this happen, we have a series of fun, fishy festivities planned.

We’ll be highlighting the variety and quality of fish and shellfish on offer in the UK by creating our very own shareable gastronomy art – guaranteed to have mouths watering.

We’ll be encouraging the public to expand their culinary repertoire by trying out a different fish dish each day throughout the week.

Our delicious range of recipes have been specifically created to suit all tastes, lifestyles and budgets – whether you’re looking for something on the go or want to splash out on the finest fruits of the sea.

And back by popular demand, we’ll be hosting the eagerly awaited 2017 Fish Pun Day where we challenge the Twitterverse to a ‘pun off’. We’ll be looking out for the very best puns, as well as challenging people to ‘guess the pun’ in our very own catchphrase style animations.

We’ll also honour and promote our amazing seafood community up and down the country that help to bring seafood to our plates, by asking six regional seafood ambassadors to talk about their love for the industry and the produce they work with.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll have a wealth of information available for sharing – from recipes and images to fun fish myths – which will work well for any foodie feature or recipe placement.

For further information on the campaign visit

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