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Norwich Chippy Uber Success!

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Grosvenor Fish Bar shut early after taking 400 orders in five hours

When the owners of award-winning Grosvenor Fish Bar in Norwich launched home delivery recently they were forced to halt orders early after receiving over 400 in the first five hours!

The famous chippy reopened for collection and delivery after being inundated with calls from customers saying how much they missed them, with the option to order through their website or Uber Eats.

Owners Duane Dibartolomeo and Christian Motta, who live above the shop, put in place a skeleton team with four members of staff as they didn’t realise just how popular it would be.

Along with people queuing to collect, others also turned up without pre-ordering, so Mr Dibartolomeo had to visit Thorns DIY shop on Tuesday morning to buy tape and make sure social distancing was adhered to.

Mr Dibartolomeo, who was born in Miami and named VisitEngland’s Tourism Superstar in 2017, said: “We were busier than a regular Monday and had 400 orders so had to stop at 4pm.

“We have already had people pre-ordering for Friday and Saturdays and have got two more members of staff back.

“It was our mistake as we thought things would start out slow, but we were bombarded, perhaps we should have prepared for the best scenario.

“Norwich is the best and people really get behind and support you and they were really understanding when orders took a while as it was the first time we had worked with Uber Eats.

“Our cod goujon and chips was the most popular as it is our smallest piece of cod and a nice easy meal.”

Before the coronavirus outbreak, the couple announced they were selling the leasehold as Mr Motta’s mum, Rosanna Motta, wanted to retire somewhere hot and they planned to join her.

However, they recently said they were reconsidering as lockdown had bought them more time to make sure she is taken care of, with the option of Mrs Motta staying with Mr Dibartolomeo’s family in Florida for a while.

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