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Kerry help you leverage new opportunities for home delivery

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Kerry releases delivery solutions guide to help foodservice operators leverage new opportunities

Kerry, the Taste and Nutrition company, has released a new delivery solutions guide to support the foodservice sector respond to the unprecedented rise in demand for delivery services due to COVID-19.

Even though most of Europe is beginning to re-open, it is expected that delivery will remain an important part of the foodservice business models as many consumers continue to dine at home. The delivery solutions guide, which is available online here, provides nearly 40 innovative new recipes from Kerry experts that can help foodservices businesses leverage the new opportunities that have been created.

Prior to COVID-19, the delivery market was the fastest growing component within the total “eating out” market and was expected to grow by €6.5bn to €24bn by 2024 (Statista, 2020). In the UK, where the delivery market is most developed, order values on takeaways have increased by 40% in April (MCA Insight, 2020), while 41% of Chinese consumers continue to order contactless delivery services more than twice a week as a direct result of the pandemic. (Mintel, 2020).

Commenting Louise Kerrigan, Senior Brand Manager, Kerry Foodservice said: “The foodservice sector has undergone very significant disruption due to COVID-19 restrictions. For many foodservice businesses that choose to trade, takeout or delivery is the main operating tool available.  As these operators adapt to their new reality, many will continue to dial up this model as a way of remaining relevant into the future. Meanwhile, restaurants that have never delivered food before are innovating to offer fine dining at home, as third-party delivery providers expand their reach with contactless services.

“We created the delivery service guide to help businesses capitalise on the growing consumer behaviour of takeaway and delivery service. We identified the top ordered cuisines online during the pandemic and then curated a range of different recipes, with multiple uses that give operators versatility, hot hold stability and are generally ambient, ensuring they minimize waste and ensure good value for money.

“As a company that works with leading foodservice outlets in Europe, we are aware of the challenges the sector is facing. A key concern when delivering food is ensuring consumers receive their order in great condition without a compromise in quality or consistency. Our technical solutions can tackle these issues.”

The Kerry Delivery Service Guide features 36 recipes which were devised by Kerry’s expert chefs under six themes: Italian, American, Ethnic, Chicken and Fish Shop, Off the Grill and Frozen Beverages. It also outlines 40 product solutions by Kerry, which offer a range of benefits including longer shelf life and hot hold stability to maintain the quality of the food when delivered.

Takeaway and delivery service will remain essential for many outlets moving forward to maintain and develop their relationship with customers, and a delivery capability allows operators to continue trading in a cost-efficient way during disruption.

Click here to download the guide.

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