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It’s All in a Name!


To celebrate British Pie Week, Pukka Pies has revealed the pie eating habits of the nation, including the top 10 names of Brits most likely to love pies. Imagine targeting customers to your shop by name knowing statistically their favourite type of pie?

The new research by the number one pie brand also found those named Alan are most partial to a Steak & Kidney filling above any other, whereas Gemmas prefer chicken filled pies. And if your name begins with a J, you’re statistically more likely to love pies.

Rachel Cranston, head of marketing at Pukka Pies says: “Britain’s continued love affair with pies shows no signs of waning, and this year we wanted to celebrate British Pie Week by unveiling the nation’s top pie-eating habits.”

Pukka Pies, which has been named the brand of choice for half of pie lovers, has also unveiled that a quarter (26%) of us indulge in a pie once a week, with Wednesday being the most common day of the week to eat pies. A third (33%) of pie loving Brits also consider pies to be the best comfort food cure for a cold, rainy day. And nearly a quarter (24%) of Brits say their chippy tea is made even better with a pie.

Gravy is the condiment of choice for a third of Brits (36%), whilst nearly one in seven (13%) would choose brown sauce. When it comes to sides, chips continues to prevail as the favourite (32%), with mash in second place (25%) and fresh veg in third (22%).

In terms of pie flavours, steak pies come up trumps – nearly half of Brits (46%) consider them the best, with Steak & Kidney hailed as the overall favourite.

Top 10 favourite pie flavours (ranked in order of popularity)

  1. Steak & Kidney

  2. Steak & Ale

  3. All Steak

  4. Chicken & Mushroom

  5. Minced Beef & Onion

  6. Cheese & Onion

  7. Chicken & Gravy

  8. Chicken & Vegetable

  9. Curry Pie

  10. Leek & Potato

What’s more, a quarter of us (25%) like to vary our pie flavours, with men being more adventurous than women when it comes to switching up their pie flavour choices (28% vs 21% respectively).

Top 5 most popular male pie lover names

  1. John

  2. David

  3. Paul

  4. Michael

  5. Alan

Top 5 most popular female pie lover names

  1. Sarah

  2. Lisa

  3. Claire

  4. Emma

  5. Gemma

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