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Drive Thru Large Queues as Burger King Reopens

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Drivers queue round the block after first Burger King reopens for takeaways

The first Burger King re-opened in Hampshire yesterday and a long queue quickly formed.

Scores of motorists today descended on the first Burger King to be reopened in Britain since lockdown as they rushed to get their hands on fast food. Photographs of the Burger King show huge queues of cars forming outside the chain to take advantage of its lockdown measures loosening. Staff can be seen handing out takeaways in PPE uniform and litter was also dropped on the site. The store in Havant, Hampshire, today became the first to reopen since all fast food stores were shut due to the coronavirus pandemic. After opening at 12 noon, queues of cars backed up on the town’s roads.

One local resident was shocked to see so many people flocking to the restaurant. He said: ‘There has been a steady stream all day, with a load more turning up at dinnertime. I can’t believe so many people are rushing out, some are leaving litter behind too.’

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