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D-Mob (S)Happy!

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Shap Chippy Launches Shappy Wheels!

UKs 2nd Place Best Fish and Chip Shop 2020 Shap Chippy is taking to the road and expanding their business with their brand-new fish and chip Van called Shappy Wheels! Matt, Ashley and the Team at Shap Chippy are going to be bringing their award-winning fish and chips to local villages in and around the Eden Valley, Cumbria across the week, every week, as well as taking on events, festivals, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Christening… you name it, they’ll cater it!

Their customers will have the option to pre-order on their Brand-New website, or download the app on their smart phones! There is also an option to come to the van and order at the counter, with all the protections in place to ensure they are Covid-19 protected, like a card only policy which can be taken contactless through the glass window, screens to protect the server and customer, so it’s a contactless way of ordering and picking up.

Once the order is placed, the team will whip up the order, put it in a bag and place it in a bag on a collection table at the rear of the van for them to collect; contact free. If they pre-order using their click and collect service, they can request when they would like to collect and the Shappy Wheels Team will have it there ready for them, so they can just come and go. They don’t come into contact with anyone and the wide open space allows the 2 meter social distancing requirements when waiting to order or collect, they could even wait in their cars.

When designing the Van with Pro Fry owner Paul Newbold, who designed and built the van to outstandingly high specifications, they wanted to make sure that what makes Shap Chippy so special would be replicated in the van. Smart layouts and process driven thinking ensure only the best fish and chips are served in this fabulous new unit. They also knew they had to keep the environment in mind, so instead of a diesel generator Shappy Wheels is fitted with a state of the art battery system and LED lighting. The van has also been streamlined for aerodynamics to reduce fuel emissions when driving.

‘Shappy Wheels has been specially designed to enable us to keep the same high-quality Fish & Chips we produce in the shop! Paul and the team at Pro Fry have outdone themselves with this smart and innovative design and build, it even has Blingy Alloy Wheels! We are so impressed with Shappy Wheels.’ Said Matt, Co-Owner of Shap Chippy.

All of this on top of the stand out design that embodies Shap Chippy now and what this Chippy Team are all about, that ‘Shappiness is Fish & Chips’. This was thanks to the outstanding hard work of Eat Marketing. Maria, Theo and their team brought the fun in a fabulous rebranding of Shap Chippy and brought who Matt and Ashley are as owners into the brand identity. Fun and professional Chippy peeps.

‘We know now more than ever we need to come together and support our communities and local businesses. Eat Marketing have helped us to evolve Shap Chippy and bring Shappy Wheels to life by really getting to know what we are all about and fundamentally finding out who we are as owners and people. Our brand now truly reflects us and our team’ Said Ashley, Co-Owner of Shap Chippy.

To learn more about Shappy Wheels visit their website where there are links to all their social media too, this chippy has fun and interactive posts that will bring a smile to everyone during lockdown and beyond.

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