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Chris’s Fish & Chips Barwell – Kids Eat For A £1!…

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hris’s Fish and Chips in Barwell has teamed up with The Hinckley Times in Barwell to offer  a fabulous offer for the summer.

The kids can eat for just £1 at lunchtimes during the holidays.

Strad Kyriacou, owner of the shop, has a range of special meals for the little ones and the £1 kids meals offer includes fishcake, sausage, Southern Fried Chicken or chicken nuggets and chips.

The offer is valid all through the summer until August 26 2017 at lunchtimes.

Strad said: “It is a great offer for a family who have the added pressure of trying entertain and look after the kids at home through the summer holidays.

“So we thought we could take some of that pressure off with this offer and sort out lunch for an absolute bargain price.”

The staff will then give you a permanent card that will enable you to enjoy the offer again and again.

The offer is available from today, so why wait?

And, what is more, the offer is valid everyday from Monday to Saturday from noon until 2pm.

Chris’s Fish and Chips recently battered the competition to retain its title of Best Takeaway in the East Midlands in the British Takeaway Awards.

In the awards, judges were said to be impressed with how the shop bounced back after a fire destroyed part of their business last year and the family home.

Judges also praised the shop’s charitable nature, its investment in staff development and their environmental policies.

Strad said he takes product sourcing seriously. Workers tell their customers not only which species of responsibly-sourced fish it sells, but also the boat it was caught on and the farm where the potatoes were grown.

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