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50 Christmas Menu Ideas for Your Shop

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50+ Christmas Menu Ideas for Your Shop!

Christmas is a time when shops up and down the country add some festive treats to their menus to not only create new revenue streams but also catch the attention of their local newspapers, radio stations and even tv. They also get a great reaction on social network sites too with many thousands of shares and reposts happening at this time of year.

I have collated over 50 Christmas menu ideas currently served in shops for you to try and fry

Deep Fried Terry’s Chocolate Orange

Whole Christmas Dinner

Pigs in Blankets

Battered Stuffing Balls

Potato Fritter Roasties

Deep Fried Carrots

Battered Turkey

Deep Fried Mince Pies

Deep Fried Milk Tray

Deep Fried Brie & Cranberry Parcels

Deep Fried Brie & Chilli Dip

Pig in a Duvet

Deep Fried After Eights

Turkey & Stuffing Patty

Deep Fried Sprouts

Deep Fried Christmas Pudding

Homemade Mulled Cider

Christmas Gravy

Parsnip Fritters

Turkey Goujons

2ft sausage wrapped in more than 200g of bacon, battered and deep fried.

Battered Quality Streets

Deep Fried Toblerone

Battered Mushy Peas

Battered onion ring Christmas Tree

Christmas Pudding Ice Cream Sundae

Brie and Bacon Burger Cranberry

Battered Celebrations

Deep fried pickled onions

Christmas Filled Wrap

Vegan Stuffing Balls

Christmas Chicken Burger

Fried Ice Cream

Christmas pudding & brandy butter ice cream

Battered stuffing with Cranberry Ketchup

Deep Fried Double Decker

Deep Fried Cadbury Crème Egg (yes, they are out this early)

Chocolate Yule Log

Deep Fried Oreo

Yorkshire Pudding Wrap

Festive Fries

Halloumi & Bacon

Halloumi Fries

Pigs in Blankets with stuffing inside, battered

Turkey Cranberry Rissoles

Battered ice cube of gravy surrounded in mash potato

Deep Fried Chocolate Tree Decorations

Yorkshire Pudding & Vegan Sausages

Deep Fried Vegan ‘pigs in blankets’

Reindeer chips

Angel chips

Battered Bakewell tart

Sprouts with snouts (bacon)

Let me know at what you are doing (with a picture or two)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″ el_class=”sticky-container”][mnky_ads id=”3659″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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