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Johnson Reed Chip Shop Finance Introduce New Business Loan Division…

Johnson Reed

Having specialised in chip shop finance since 2003, Johnson Reed is now offering unsecured loans to cater for businesses requiring services beyond the standard capabilities of equipment leasing.

The loan products aim to meet both long and short-term business demands; whether to fund growth investments, product development, or temporarily offset the upfront cost of a VAT, tax or corporation tax bill.

Mark Johnson, Managing Director of Johnson Reed, comments: “Many businesses we’ve spoken to in the wake of the EU Referendum are keen to keep their cash in the bank as security against the unknown. Whilst cash flow is crucial, business growth and investments shouldn’t be put on-hold altogether. Our loan facilities allow businesses to address both of these areas.”

Johnson Reed can facilitate loans from £2000 to £200,000, and over a minimum term of three months. The repayments are agreed in advance, and allow the customer to spread the cost over fixed regular installments.

The unsecured facility guarantees no charges are taken over property, as is often the case with business loans from high-street banks. In addition, they will not affect any existing credit lines, providing a practical solution for clients nearing their existing credit limit.

To find out more about Johnson Reed’s loan products, contact a member of the team via info@johnsonreed.co.uk or call 0161 429 6949 to discuss in further detail. To explore alternative facilities, visit www.johnsonreed.co.uk

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