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Get the Chippy Chat Experience – All for Just £20 a year!

Chippy Chat Plus!

Come and Joins Us for just £20 a Year!

Austen Dack

Chippy Chat are celebrating their 10th year this year and it’s never been a more challenging time to publish! Every month thousands of you enjoy a FREE copy of our 52-page magazine plus all of the news and views printed on our social network sites and www.chippychat.co.uk. With relevant features, fantastic design and info on all that is good and great in the industry, we are an invaluable tool for all fish and chip shop owners, managers and staff.

Chippy chat is owned by Isle of Ely Produce too so we also understand from the supplier side of the industry too and what it takes to market many famous brands within the industry (not just potatoes). We have great relationships with range manufacturers, batter suppliers, fat and oil distributors, fish wholesalers, drinks manufacturers and much more besides.

With the ongoing virus situation some of our partners have been looking at their cost base and finding ways to save money. This will lead to a decrease in revenues in certain areas for us, whilst our overall costs remain the same.

In order for us to maintain the usual service and a 12-month continuous supply of the nation’s favourite fish and chip magazine, we are today asking you to join our Chippy Chat Plus scheme. To celebrate our 10th year, we have reduced the price of membership to just £20 a year. This will include 12 monthly copies of Chippy Chat delivered FREE to your shop/ business.

As well as 12 copies of Chippy Chat, you will also get priority access to our events like our famous Field to Frier open day and the Chippy Chat Chip Barons’ Ball. We will also offer subscribed shops first access to in magazine reviews and also offers and giveaways from our trading partners.

Even without all the other benefits (and there will be more to come), the reduced £20 subscription fee works out at little over £1.60 a month.

To join click here or email austen@chippychat.co.uk

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