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  • in reply to: Looking for work (again) #112713

    the batter company

    Are you able to get to Keighley?

    @draven66 93765 wrote:

    Just a further update on the job front. I have now been told the shop sale will be going through at the end of the week so if there are any positions available I would be able to start as of Monday 9th November 2015. As previously stated I would be happy to discuss some relief work until a permanent position comes available.

    Thank you

    in reply to: Chip Shovels #112635

    the batter company

    You tried nisbets ?
    I know they do large ones but not sure if they are too big.

    @kennyboy33 93676 wrote:

    Hi folks,

    Anybody know if I could buy a lighter chip shovel than the normal stainless steel ones? do they make them out of heat resistant plastic type material,or perhaps this will tarnish the frying medium

    Thanks ,


    in reply to: meeting #112626

    the batter company

    Sounds very good, how many people usually attend?
    Good that these events still happen, i went to one a while back that Martin Bunning chaired.

    in reply to: HELP #112625

    the batter company

    Just to play devils advocate.

    I would say both have benefits, open pan you can cook a lot more in one go. some shops that cook 6-12kg at a time would love this method.

    In cooking you cannot deny that a pressure cooker has its uses, if you want to build up heat and build up pressure then this is a very good method.

    There is no right or wrong here people, both methods will produce a fantastic mushy pea.

    The process of making the mushy pea is much more important in my opinion, and i think that was he chaps question.

    in reply to: cod #112551

    the batter company

    Any particular boat?

    @windynook 93578 wrote:

    Anyone else think the FAS cod has no flavour lately

    in reply to: Fresh v Frozen at sea Fish #112492

    the batter company

    @Dblock 93506 wrote:

    What do people do to spoil it? Please give us some tips.

    You want tips to spoil it or not spoil it lol 🙂

    in reply to: Fish suppliers #112491

    the batter company

    @potandfin1 93511 wrote:

    Good evening chaps – i bought a small fish and chip shop/restaurant in August, approx 1850-2000 pw 70/30 in favour of restaurant, so im not talking about mass turn over and huge quantities of supplies

    our current supplier of Frozen at Sea fish is Brakes and we use Kingfishers in an emergency – im paying approx 103-110 for a box of cod and 120ish for a box of haddock – have you guys any other recommended suppliers – i ask after a mix up with brakes has left me out of fish for tomorrow and im looking to change supplier

    thanks for any help and advice in advance

    I would say its Pot & Fin in Warwick, welcome to the site. 🙂

    in reply to: looking for finance #112472

    the batter company

    @draven66 93491 wrote:

    Cheers for the advice, I did think about a personal loan but was steered away from it by someone saying your not supposed to get a personal loan for a business. As for the flat for us it is in the wrong area to live in (working in is fine though) it is too small for our needs and we could get more for renting it out than we are currently paying in rent ourselves.

    Not sure I would pay what he wants for it though due to things I know that need doing. As for him living off of tax credits he is only doing that cos he is paying mine and my partners wages so that’s not a worry. The rent from flat should cover the cost of the loan which males it easier.

    If you believe this business can work, beg, steal and borrow as the saying goes (don’t really steal).

    But if the bank give you a loan of any kind take it and make a go of the business.

    in reply to: looking for finance #112464

    the batter company

    @Turks 93481 wrote:

    If you only require £25k, this is the unsecured personal loan threshold. I’m certain you would be able to go to a broker to get you this, or if you have a good credit rating go through an online application with someone like Tesco, Virgin or moneysupermarket.

    You could take the loan over 10 years in order to reduce the payments (and pressure)but be aware that you will pay a lot of interest so therefore be focussed on repaying this ASAP once you have the business.

    If you are really serious, you need to do all you can in order to make it work. Would you consider living in the flat yourself? It would save you living costs in your current home and if you are a home owner you could rent that out (assuming the rent / mortgage you currently pay is more than you could charge for the flat).

    Who would you be renting the building off? Council or Landlord?

    What state is the equipment in? Is it an old range etc.? Is the shop in decent repair? You must consider all of this before agreeing a value… £25k isn’t a lot to get your own fish & chip shop but if you are borrowing every penny then you should negotiate this as much as possible to reduce your burden / risk.


    Was just going to say this about the 25k threshold, but Turks beat me to it :0)
    Great post again Turks.

    in reply to: selling business #112385

    the batter company

    @alper_uk 93399 wrote:

    we r doing over 11=12 k during quite months and over 22k-23k summer . closed all december . i put the lease for sale for £350000 . all eqipment is brand new . i think quite good priced business .

    Drop me an email on stelios@worldofceres.com

    in reply to: Chips in the USA #112368

    the batter company

    @rblack 93384 wrote:

    Thanks for the reply. I am actually from Warwickshire I lived In Leamington. I will look for sodium metabisulphite I know a few people who brew. Is that basically what starch doctor is?

    Ah the posh part of Warwickshire 🙂
    Drop me an email on stelios@worldofceres.com and ill help you out.

    Nope, starch doctor is a blend made by Drywite that reduces starch content. it is used with Drywite Potato Preparation.

    in reply to: Chips in the USA #112366

    the batter company

    @rblack 93380 wrote:

    Hi All

    New member here, based in the US. I have very few choices over here for a good frying potato that doesn’t brown too quick. I have been looking into getting some starch doctor from drywite to help with the browning issue but with minimum order and shipping it would be really expensive.

    Any suggestions? natural remedies to help stop the chips browning too quickly in the fryer?

    The only potatoes I can get are Norwis potatoes but they aren’t available from late june to early October.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    You should be able to purchase sodium metabisulphite in the U.S, try EBAY as many people would purchase for brewing of wine and fruit drinks.

    in reply to: Fat Content #112331

    the batter company
    in reply to: foaming fat #112305

    the batter company

    @draven66 93305 wrote:

    To the best of my knowledge no copper utensils are being used, minimal water content from chips is only water that goes in but chips drained an hour before frying, the dripping is dark in colour but even after only a week from fresh it can turn. no sugar content going in to the pan as new potatoes frying white so no starch content (I believe). Don’t think I know anyone with a testo either. Have changed the dripping type 3 times already only been here 8 weeks but none are any better than the others for longevity. try to top up as often as I can with fresh fat.

    the product is however frying beautifully but just cant get a handle on the reason why the fat is breaking down as quick as it is.

    Moving away from oil for a second:
    Are you adding any Bicarbonate of Soda, Salt or MSG to the batter?


    in reply to: Fat Content #112285

    the batter company

    @cheery 93283 wrote:

    17 x 17 mm, palm oil and the fish was on the wide side as opposed to thick. I think, as I said, with a better chip at a different time of year I could get a bit lower fat content.

    Does anyone know of a lower fat content than 5.2%? Genuinely interested.

    Hi Cheery,

    We have many results to look back at, 5.2% is good score. We have some 4.9%’s but mostly around 5.5%-7% but there are so many variables when you test Fish, Chips & Peas.

    The majority of our customers test separately now and build the menu together.


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