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    Lee Jones

    New to all this forum format but looking for advice or tips.

    I have been in the chip shop industry for 15 years and have recently started at a new shop. I worked in a shop with 3 pans and each pan needed to be changed once a week as th oil had deteriorated.

    I have moved to a new shop that only has 2 pans. This shop also has to change the oils once a week due to the oil deterioration. They are high efficiency pans that are set at 170 and are constantly being used. Fish and other products are cooked together with chips as cooking separate isn’t an option. I have looked at oil filter machines as an option but I’ve noticed looking through forums that a lot of people mention never having to completely change their oils and instead just topping them up or changing them on a much less regular basis than I have to. Do people recommend oil filter machines such as merlins or do people have tips that could help. Any advice would be greatly received.


    Doug Truscott

    If pans are being used constantly and oil is being changed weekly, something is not right, if you get a filtering machine, I found the Merlin to be best.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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